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Adres: Jafarov Gardashlari str.21aprt.2/3

Tel/fax.:  +994 (12) 4924 081
Tel/fax.: +994 (12) 5111 911
Mobil:    +994 (50) 3122 573

First name:                             Vagif

Last name:                            Gadirov

Patronymic:                           Agaragim

Date and place of birth:        January 13, 1964, Azerbaijan Republic, Sumgait city.

Citizenship:                            Azerbaijan.

Marital status:                      Married, has got a daughter.


·        High technical (Azerbaijan engineering and construction institute – 1981-1986) civil engineer

·        High juridical education (St. Petersburg Institute of High Foreign Economical relations, Economy and Law 1997-2000) Lawyer

·        Special courses of diplomatic proceedings (Denmark, 1997-1998)

·        Special courses of managing and auditing under ISO 9001:2000 standard (in 2006)

Scientific Work

·        Safety and counteraction to terrorism at maintenance of body-guarding security and supporting safety of objects.


·        Foreign languages: Russian, English, German (currently studying)

·        Works on theory of “Uniform world standards of certification in the area of safety”


·        From 1986 to 1988 – Military service (Division of special assignment, expert on special operations). Has served in many hot points of the world.

·        From 1988 to 1989 - The chief engineer of project institute in the area of construction, allied submission in Baku city.

·        From 1988 to 1991 – Special division KGB of Azerbaijan SSR, the operative employee of antiterrorism subdivision.

·        From 1991 to 1998 – Special public service of protection of Azerbaijan Republic – Management of Security Services of the President of Azerbaijan. The Chief of one of the body-guard divisions of the president. Repeatedly has been to other foreign countries as the head of vanguard of security service in order to organize security measures for the visits of the president of Azerbaijan beforehand. Teamwork with colleagues from many foreign countries:  the USA, Russia, the European Union and the Asian region. Repeatedly carried out the organizational measurements in order to support personal security of the first persons from other countries.

·        From 2002 – Author of articles on the problems in the area of security which were published in Russian and European publications.

·        From 2000 to 2005 - The teacher of some disciplines (in the area of safety) in a number of the State and Non-governmental Educational Establishments in Baku.

·        In 2006 – The founder of the first professional educational centre for employees in the sphere of the organization of security services in Azerbaijan.

·        From 2002 to 2008 – The permanent member of international forums and conferences in the area of safety.

·        From 2006 – The president and one of the founders of the National Bodyguard Association of Azerbaijan


Current Job

·        From 1998 till the moment – founder and general manager of  “SS-EAST” Company. The author and director of many projects for oil companies on complex safety in the territory of Azerbaijan. “SS-EAST” Comprehensive Security Services – is the first company in Azerbaijan and in the whole Caucasus region in the sphere of provision of comprehensive security services with consultation and training. “SS-EAST” received the certificate under international standard ISO 9001:2000.



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